Rue La Rue Cafe

Rue La Rue Cafe

Ok ya’ll…

Last week I had a life-changing evening and I feel a obligation to fill you all in because it just may change your life, especially if you absolutely love The Golden Girls (which, um, of course you do.)

Rue La Rue Cafe is up and running, alive and well in Washington Heights and it’s freakin’ amazing.It’s pretty far uptown but well worth the trip! (Follow them on Facebook, you fools!) My Golden Pal, Devon, and I went together and it was incredible.

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It’s very understated and it’s one of those places that, when you pass it, you do a double take because you can’t believe you never noticed it before. (Obviously, at this point, I was starstruck…by a freakin cafe. My expression was basically equivalent to the Gals reacting to Burt Reynolds knocking at their door.)


Here’s the scoop on the atmosphere; it’s essentially exactly how you think it would be based on the tv show. No, the climate is not tropical and everything is not wicker but the feeling you get from watching the show (comfortable, unpretentious, low key and in good company.) The staff is extremely nice, they take care of you and are happy to answer any and all questions you have and the food is awesome! You can grab a seat anywhere (and bring a laptop and work if you want!), watch the running episodes on the big screen, order from the counter and they bring you your food when it’s done. They serve beer and wine and the dessert selection is BANANAS! There is all this paraphernalia from her time as Blanche Devereaux plus other goodies like the phone they use on the show, photos, wardrobe. etc.


We were pleasantly surprised to see the options for veggie folks. I, personally, wanted to get Sophia’s 16 Hour Lasagna (I imagine it’s 16 hours because the sauce itself takes 14 hours and then you have to assemble and cook) but that had meat in it.

Regardless, we were *not* unhappy with our selection. The grilled cheese was great and I was expecting more of a soup inside. I was psyched to discover that it’s way heartier than that.

I really don’t know what to say about the desserts.

….wait, yes I do: THEY WERE FREAKIN AMAZING! Obvi, Devon and I had to try a few because what kind of Golden Gals would we be if we didn’t?

Coconut cake This cake is dense in the best way possible. I’m not always in a coconut cake mood, but when I am I really am. On this particular day, I would have eaten 10 of these if my upper GI would have permitted. (And speaking of which, how the hell is it possible that, save for Sophia’s one night stand with a gallbladder attack, these women never dealt with these issues that I deal with today? What, were their intestines made of steel?)

I digress.

Chocolate cheesecake We had the option to try the regular cheesecake but I thought we really had to go full throttle. The chocolate cheesecake was really good, but very rich. If you can handle it I say go for it.

The Rue Cake I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I did. I’m into the bundt cake and I can get jiggy with it from time to time. This version, however, was fantastic! The maple glaze on top really added to the orange without being overwhelming. Unlike Blanche, these flavors did not fight for the most attention but rather complimented each other. They conspired together, like Lazlo’s sketches and sculpture, to create the perfect lady.

Oh, and they sell coffee. I love the darkest roast possible, so clearly I went for the espresso blend.

Bottom Line:

Do I even need to say it? GO, YOU FOOLS!


In friendship and cheesecake,


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