Create a space you enjoy for *what* you enjoy

Create a space you enjoy for *what* you enjoy

I think most work-from-home folks can agree that while there are perks, there are also challenges; challenges to stay focused, and not get sucked into things you could get done for your home and family.  Sitting in my kitchen just doesn't give me the mental space I need to focus and really be creative because I have other things on my mind. ('Do we have enough bananas for the week?') Therefore, it was really important for me to create my own space to work where I could shut the door and concentrate.

I took some inspiration from Blanche to create an environment I like where I do what I like. Look at her room, for f*ck's sake!

blanche's room_1.jpg

Who the hell wouldn't want their berries razzed in this room? It screams primal with the leaf motif and reference to the jungle, and what's more primal than Blanche's nocturnal activities? (Or I guess any time of the day, really. Not pictured here is the mirror on her ceiling.) 

And think about how many suitors she's had; clearly it's working for her. It's a valuable lesson that you should always create spaces you enjoy for what you enjoy (be it work, cooking, berry razzing, etc.) Inspiration can always be taken from these women so do whatever you need to in order to get the space you want and need. Buy a new lamp, paint one wall or heck, redo the whole darn space if you want. I set up my desk to float and chose the words, "Heck yes!" to motivate me each day. I, for one, am working more effectively because of Blanche's berries.


In friendship and cheesecake, 



Texts with the Girls <br/>(Part I)

Texts with the Girls
(Part I)

Happy Birthday week, <br/> Betty White!

Happy Birthday week,
Betty White!