What the Girls teach us about friendship and hard times

What the Girls teach us about friendship and hard times

In the past few months I've been doing a lot of soul searching and self-reflection. I've reflected on my habits, my thoughts, my train of thoughts and what patterns I see. I've been doing this in hopes that I can generally up my awesome.

That being said, upping your awesome requires you to take a long, hard look at your shortcomings and face them head on. One challenge I have, in particular, is this mental block where I get stuck wishing someone in my life would behave a little more like X and not the way they do, or that a situation would be different than the one that actually exists.

Why can't you just be how I want you to be??
Why can't this situation just be like THIS and not how it is??

I do this over and over and over. I come to the same walls and get frustrated with how things are. It's maddening because it just is, and the fact that it's maddening in and of itself, is maddening.

The Golden Girls were fundamentally different characters, each with their own idiosyncrasies. Despite their arguments, poking fun at one another or experiencing difficult times, they generally accepted each other as the people they were. They love each other unconditionally: strengths, weaknesses and everything in between, acknowledging that this is exactly what makes each friend so unique and fantastic.

Mangiacavallo curse_Rose.jpg

Specifically, in "The Mangiacavallo Curse" Dorothy so eloquently says to Blanche:

What I have to do is remember you for the person you are, and accept you for that.

[Granted, during this talk between Dorothy and Blanche it turns out that Blanche is too busy making eyes at a man across the room to hear Dorothy's heartfelt words, but that's not the point. Dorothy hits the nail right on the head.]

three on a couch_1.png

During one of my favorite episodes, "Three On A Couch," the Girls are confronted with the possibility that they may no longer be compatible as roommates. We see them carousel through a bunch of hilarious memories that highlight their vastly unique personalities and habits, and how it all creates conflict when pieced together. At the end of the session they are advised to split up, but they aren't convinced that's what they want.

Sophia offers some sage (and true) words - advice all of us should take:

What's going on here is living. Just because you have some rough times doesn't mean you throw in the towel. You go on living.




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