(^ That blog title is actually a song I made up and sing every year on my birthday and for other people too on theirs if I think they will appreciate it.)

In case ya'll were not aware, you get a week to celebrate regular birthdays and the entire month to celebrate big birthdays. It's true. (I don't know when that was decided or by who, but I don't make the rules: I just follow them.) If you haven't been doing this all along, GET ON IT!


I know a bunch of people who don't appreciate the "reminder of getting older" (i.e. Blanche) but I LOVE celebrating and having time set aside to celebrate yourself just because. And if you have good friends they'll do whatever you want because they want to celebrate you too.

So what does it feel like to celebrate another birthday where I currently am in my life? Had you asked me a year ago I would have said I definitely thought I'd have more of an idea of what I wanted to be doing and wasn't quite there yet. All I knew at the time (and what I now try to incorporate each day) is that I wanted to be creative in an environment with others who appreciate and encourage that creativity, and also are likeminded non-jerks.

This journey hasn't quite gone the way I thought it would, but I mean that's basically Life 101, right? I didn't envision myself as an entrepreneur. In fact, for the longest time when I thought about starting a company of my own my first thought was, "NOPE! I don't want all that responsibility. I hate doing clerical stuff and taxes and legal sh*t. No FREAKIN' thank you!"


And I still feel that way about all those things, but since I made my company official in October the fact that I want to get up each day, be creative and make as much as I possibly can makes all the other short-lived crap worth tolerating. I don't remember the last job I had where I woke up each day, wanted to get as much done as possible and still had SO many more ideas that excited me for how to make things better.

While I loved the comradery of co-workers in previous jobs (I still miss it sometimes!) I'm finding connection with people via social media channels and people within the small niche that is my focus who legit love the Golden Girls as much as I do. What's also great about it being such a small niche is that everyone does something different; some perform, some have YouTube channels, some post trivia on Instagram, some are artists and the talents go on. I've also found connection with others who love the show from afar and are just really supportive of my work. It's pretty effing cool.

This is the first time in YEARS that I have felt like myself, and that I'm on to something that will truly make me professionally happy. I've always known the following about myself; when I truly love and am excited about what I'm doing, I could work for DAYS and not want to stop. That's exactly how I'm feeling right now and I want to soak it up as much as possible.


I'm building something on my own, and it feels really awesome. One of my goals for this year is to get better about doing things before I think I'm ready. There are times when I feel overwhelmed or unprepared, but I've gotten a little better at taking chances and making it work. It's just like Dorothy says:

"In life sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen. But honey, if you don't take a chance nothing happens."

In fact, before the new year started I wrote a list of goals and one of them was to apply as a vendor to the BUST Craftacular. I was super uncomfortable about it and thought it was a long shot because my company is so new, but I took a deep breath and just applied before I lost my nerve. Just applying was enough progress for me, and then I got an email back yesterday.

I f*cking got accepted as a vendor.

I can't begin to describe how psyched I am to go, sell my stuff and be among so many other creative folks and jiving on all this creative mojo that will be palpable at Industry City!

I'm slowly learning that taking risks and doing things you're afraid to do is well worth it because you never know what may come. Also, it makes you realize that you're way too hard on yourself and that you're selling yourself short if you think that something you truly want is not within your reach.

It is.

As for today, I imagine this is how the Girls and I will celebrate at Mr. Haha's Hot Dog Hacienda:


And it's going to be awesome.


In friendship and cheesecake, 


We all have a little Dorothy in us!

We all have a little Dorothy in us!

If anyone knows how to give 'the look,' it's our Girls!

If anyone knows how to give 'the look,' it's our Girls!