Your best life after 60

Your best life after 60

I recently read a post on Bustle that seriously spoke to me, especially in light of my husband constantly teasing me about my favorite show being about 4 "old ladies." If you haven't read it, I recommend it!

Why Movies About Women Over 60 Are So Beloved By Millennial Women

Anywhoots, it got me thinking about all the reasons it brings me such comfort to watch the Golden Girls:

  • I've already seen all the episodes oodles of times and when you're someone who doesn't love surprises, it brings a crap ton of comfort to watch something when you know what will happen.

  • The the base plot is warm, sassy and hilarious

  • It brings forth a concept that so few shows do (even still today): that women's lives can go on after they've been married and gone through the most demanding stages of motherhood. Our lives do not and will not end if we only have ourselves to take care of. In fact, that's what we SHOULD be doing!

  • It encourages women to be unapologetically sexual post-menopausal

  • About a zillion other things

I also recently started watching Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. 2 completely opposite middle aged women end of living together after their husbands come out as gay and leave their wives for one another after hiding their secret relationship for 20 years. Sure, there is a grieving process for their marriages which they each handle in unique ways, but eventually they move on and re-build their lives as single women.

It's important to note that these are women of great privilege; most people do not have a beautiful home that was once shared with their ex-husband plus a shared beach home as a safety net. That's just not the way of the world, and the Golden Girls were more realistic about finances and needing to be extremely mindful about supporting themselves. Also, not to spoil anything for ya'll, but Grace and Frankie are also white.

Regardless, like The Golden Girls, they explore new career paths, have sexual encounters and new relationships, drink lots of wine (or coffee and cheesecake, as the case may be) and spend time with their female friends. Um, where do I sign up?!!?

DSC_0644 (3).png

In fact, there seem to be a lot of similarities between the 2 shows:

  • They decide to build a business together (in the adult sex toy field, no less, marketing to middle aged women!)

  • They work through new relationships, some only resulting in a physical one

  • Both have adult children, some with grandchildren

  • Their very different personalities bring out the best in one another

Granted, Grace and Frankie more openly discuss post-menopausal sexuality, but for its time the Golden Girls definitely paved the way for shows like Grace and Frankie. It's so important to have more of these narratives on TV and in movies. Once women stop being able to have babies it seems like society just glosses over them, as if they have nothing more to contribute. It's awesome to see these shows and movies giving the big 'ole bird to that sexist and outdated Hollywood narrative.

Grace unapologetically and succinctly explains their sex toy business plan to their families (including their adult children) with the following statement:

"We are making things for people like us, because we are sick and tired of being dismissed by people like you." 

::effing mic drop::


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