Brunch & Board Games

Brunch & Board Games

If I were given a Sunday off and the option to do anything at all, more than likely I'd eat some good food and watch a marathon of the Golden Girls. Lucky for me, I get something even better in a few days!

Golden Gays Summer Brunch 8/12

I'll be selling my swag at the Golden Gays Summer Brunch in Asbury Park, NJ while The Golden Gays perform. I'm psyched to head to this venue again, bond with fellow Golden Girls lovers and see my favorite gals perform.

And in case we all weren't clear, this image below is exactly why I'm not allowed on a stage. Dorothy's look is all we need to see to understand why:


As I mentioned in my Instagram stories yesterday, most of my fanatical GG friends live at minimum an hour away and at max on the opposite coast. Therefore, my opportunities to bond with fellow fanatics are pretty limited. Hanging with these gals plus meeting the fans is such a special experience for me. This show, the jokes and references and the sense of humor are something I really love and hold close to my heart (that's why I started a shop, Instagram account and blog about it - duh!)

Any Way You Slice It!

And speaking of my Instagram stories, the short of is that I went to Target and bought the Any Way You Slice It! Golden Girls game. (I will neither confirm or deny this being #1 on my shopping list because my husband reads this blog.)


Quick bird's eye view of it all (sorry for the lower quality - it turns out trying to keep an infant quiet while you document a new life-changing board game reveal is challenging!) :

slice it_birds eye.PNG

I'm psyched to eventually plan a night where I can play this with other fans.

Full disclosure* 

Purely based on the few questions I saw from the unwrapped stack of playing cards, here are my feelings on the: 

Degree of difficulty

  • A good refresher for those who watch the show occasionally but have seen all the episodes.
  • Confidence reinforcement for who are trivia champs (ahem, like myself) because you'll likely know all the answers.

Style point

  • Decent - the color scheme felt appropriate for our gals (assuming they took most of it from their common wardrobe colors)

Choice of music

  • There is no music. That's on you, boos!

Land on their feet during the dismount?

  • Start practicing now!

Overall, a fun competitive time - the way Rose  would want it!)


So if you live in Jersey or find yourself in the area on Sunday, definitely come join us (assuming it's not sold out!) I promise great food and laughs to wrap up your weekend!

In friendship and cheesecake, 



*If you didn't get the references in the full disclosure section, you need to watch more episodes. Take the leap - you won't regret it!

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