Year 1

Year 1

Any idea what today is, friends?

September 14, 2018:

The 33 year Anniversary of the airing of the Golden Girls Pilot episode.

And the 1 year anniversary of the official launch of SassyGreenLady!

It probably comes as no surprise to die hard fans that I chose to launch my Instagram account and announcement of my Etsy shop on this day. At the time, I had an idea that I knew I had to run with because I’d been thinking about it for years.

And friends, its been quite the year. QUITE a year.


Obviously, I didn’t share everything that was going on with me throughout the course of the year on social media. In fact, I only really started to get down and dirty with the real talk in the past few months.

Why? Well, there was a lot going on in the beginning. I got pregnant with my second baby about a week and a half after I launched. At the time when I was just getting started with all this I was experiencing (what I didn’t know was) perinatal anxiety and depression. I wrote about my PPD/PPA experience here. No one told me that I was predisposed to other perinatal mood disorders as well if I’d had PPD/PPA. When October 2017 came around (maybe 2-3 weeks after conceiving) I knew something was wrong because my mood and overall mental health took a huge nose dive.

There were a LOT of days, especially at the beginning, when I felt like this:

IMG_8101 (1).JPG

Before I started getting treatment for PNA/PND sometimes I couldn’t even muster enough energy to get out of bed. This was not because I wanted to f*ck around on my phone or binge watch something on Netflix; I just wanted to NOT.

But gradually with the help of my support team, continuing to work on my shop and connecting with other really awesome people via Instagram, I began to feel better and more like myself again.

IMG_7418 (1).JPG

I started creating, getting back into photography and the parts of myself that I loved began to re-emerge.


Creatively, I tried lot of different things and I’m not gonna lie: most of it didn’t work.

IMG_7773 (1).JPG

There were many times when I had to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. This is always really uncomfortable for me because I want to be at an expert level all the time…at everything.

(I set VERY reasonable expectations for myself, ya’ll!)


I made mistakes, learned from them and in some cases I’m still learning from them. However, I made a list of goals for myself and I’ve accomplished some of them!

Cultivate new relationships

I have a strong love/hate relationship with the interwebs and social media. I find social media to be overwhelming at times, challenging to master because it’s always changing (and that slightly pisses me off because I love consistency.) However, Instagram opened a window to new people from all over the country (and some in Canada!) who, although I’m not in their physical presence, have been more helpful than they probably realize.

It has given me the opportunity to connect with others not just about this show but also regarding parenthood, PPD/PPA, makeup, feminism, social justice issues and more. And to be honest, during a time in history when things feel so incredibly divisive and isolating, I needed something to make me feel connected to other people. I couldn’t help but think that others felt this way too. Therefor, I jumped into it and sometimes contacted people with no warning, rhyme or reason other than I had the impression that we would get along.

I highly recommend this if you’re up for it. People are a lot nicer and open to connecting than you think.

Apply to BUST Craftacular (I also was selected! NBFD)

This goal was huge for me. However, the goal was merely to apply. I knew vendors that were selected and had been running their Etsy shops or businesses for close to a decade so I didn’t think my very new business would be accepted.

Then it was.


And honestly, I’d applied and then put it out of my mind because I was so sure I wouldn’t be selected. I’m so grateful that I took the time to apply, got out of my comfort zone and took a chance. It was worth it.

BUST table_600W.jpg

For the love of all that is holy, SAY YES

Even if you think it’s something that’s over your head or too many steps ahead of where you see yourself, DO IT. If someone had told me at this time last year that I’d be gearing up to sell apparel at RuPaul’s Drag Con, I would have said, ‘You’re a wackjob!’ But with all the times I’ve said yes in the past year, I know I belong at this event and that I make some pretty cool sh*t.

Organize your work space

I now have a work space and while it’s still a work in progress, I feel like it’s a place that’s mine to be creative. Make sure you can do what you feel called to do in a space that calls you to do it!


Build a social media presence with genuine connections

With regard to social media (specifically, Instagram) there were a few things that I promised myself I would not do:

  • Buy followers

  • Like, unlike other accounts just for the sake of gaining followers

  • Follow people who don’t share my values

  • Establish fake, superficial relationships (plus, the fact that I’m really bad at being fake doesn’t lend itself to those relationships.) Also, being fake is really exhausting.

  • Hop on any trends that I genuinely didn’t like, despite how popular they were

I do not have a large following, but I do have a steadily increasing genuine one. The interactions I have with people are genuine and we often have more in common than just a love for the Golden Girls. I believe in quality over quantity.

Lessons learned


This year has been so much trial and error but every time I saw a job listing that sounded interesting to me or thought it might just be easier to get back to work for someone else, something in my gut said, ‘Give it more time.’ True, I may in fact go back to working for someone else in the future but for now my instincts are telling me to stay put and keep going.

Here are some things I’ve learned:

  • Taking chances is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

  • Get out of your freaking comfort zone, even if the whole time you do what I do and sing, “I am so UNCOMFORTABLE RIGHT NOW!!!!”

  • If you’re worrying about worse-case scenarios, challenge it with, “…or this really, truly awesome thing can happen!”

  • Chances are, if there is something you really want to do and know you’d enjoy doing it all the time, it’s probably what you should be doing.

Life can always change course and it often does. I’m basically the worst with change, but each day as I’m swimming in these wide open waters with no course whatsoever, I’m trying to trust that I know deep down what I need to do even during times like these:


Here’s to Year 2, SassyGreenLady! Let’s see whatchu got!

In friendship and cheesecake,


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