Sophia Petrillo: the original entrepreneur

Sophia Petrillo: the original entrepreneur

One of the truly great themes that run through the Golden Girls series is the fact that they're never too old for anything; career changes, new relationships, sexual liberation, broadening their points of view, etc. This theme is especially true for Sophia who at heart, is an entrepreneur. Think about it; she and Rose start a sandwich business selling at a construction site, she and the Girls try their hand at a catering business and Sophia spends an entire episode in One for the Money brainstorming ideas on how to make money. One of her ideas includes using her spaghetti sauce to package and market using her face, and the following conversation ensues:

Sophia: Just picture my picture my face on this jar filled with my tomato sauce. We could put Paul Newman out of business!

Dorothy: Ma, if you had your choice of a spaghetti sauce with your picture on it or Paul Newman's picture on it, which would you choose?

Sophia Petrillo_Paul Newman

It's clear that to Sophia, who's in it with her own point of view, is not thinking about the masses. As someone who started a company last year and is looking forward to growing my business, it's no secret that there will be a lot to learn. This happened to me yesterday, as I received a message from a potential Etsy customer.

She wanted to buy one of my shirts, noted that the spelling of "intrauterine" was incorrect on the t-shirt and asked if that could be changed.

My knee-jerk reaction (admittedly, with an eye roll) was, "Yeah, obviously it's spelled wrong. It's written the way Rose sings it in the episode. Any hardcore fan would appreciate that if they appreciate the delivery of the lines." And then I thought about it for a few minutes.

...or would they?

Maybe, but maybe not.

Would people appreciate a Rose quote in which the "h" was capitalized in words like, 'where' and 'why?' If you're not a huge fan, it might look odd to you but I would love it (and now am considering re-designing without that detail despite the fact that I love it!)

I started thinking about something my good friend, Rahviance, said to me the other day; I need to make sure everyone from an accountant who knows nothing of pop culture, to a grandma, to a social media professional and beyond can at least read it and if nothing else, consider it a benign reference they don't get and move on. 

To an outsider, this may sound obvious but I think it's a good reminder that sometimes, no matter the situation, when you're too close it's easy to forget that not everyone is in your head (or nearly as obsessed with The Golden Girls as you are, in my case.)

2018, you got me! Day 1, and you already got me. I will take this with me as I move forward and create new designs this year.

I'm plowing into this new year, and it feels as if someone dumped cold water on me. Sometimes you just need to be metaphorically slapped around. I'm psyched to see what's coming up as I continue this business venture. I think anyone who is an entrepreneur can aspire to be as sedulous as Sophia; well into her 80s, and she's still creating and using the skills she has to expand on business ideas. What a freakin' lady!



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