"Do you want it fast, or do you want it good?"

"Do you want it fast, or do you want it good?"


The Girls have had their share of douchey characters during the series and much of it has revolved around their social lives and dating. However, they also have had the occasional run in with the business owner who clearly is just out for the money and has no time or interest in honesty.

When the Girls plan their vacation on a tropical island, they come to find that their accommodations are nothing like the advertisements; their room is small and dark with no ocean view, mosquitoes are flying around everywhere and they have to share a bathroom with three strange men! (Even Blanche isn’t okay with this, “even if it is my vacation!”)


There is the man selling home security systems who tries to frighten the Girls into spending more than they can afford. What a freakin’ douche.

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Then of course, aside from the completely sexist plumber who showed up, the Girls got an estimate from a dude who seriously tried to up the price by including unnecessary items. Good thing Rose and her family did their own plumbing on the farm - she’s no fool!

And don’t even get me started on the contractor for the garage in the suit.

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Conversely, in the Valentine’s Day episode we see a flashback of an experience the Girls have when Rose is in charge of planning their weekend getaway, and “misunderstood the brochure.”

“Fun in the buff!” it says.

This business is straight forward about the experience they provide and I wholeheartedly appreciate that! Naturally, Blanche and Dorothy are pissed at Rose for neglecting to warn them about the environment they would be entering and are shocked to see way more wieners than they expected…well, at least outside of the biblical sense for Dorothy and Rose.

Great, now I have to segue from wieners to talking about my own Etsy shop.


If you follow SassyGreenLady on Instagram and you happened to watch my stories yesterday, you know that I was IN IT due to a very poor experience with a company that essentially makes its money by ripping people off, and selling them low quality imitation products of what they display online. In a nutshell, upon receiving what was supposed to be some really cute boots, I saw that this company mislead myself and many others. When I contacted them to tell them I wanted to return the boots they asked for pictures of the problem.

A little nugget of advice: don’t ask a graphic designer for visuals because you will receive more than what you asked for.

I also was a total jerk about it because I felt everything needed to be spelled out:


As I mentioned, being a business owner I can’t for the life of me understand how a company can function, knowing full well that they are ripping people off. I an unable to wrap my head around that lack of integrity and human decency. Heck, if I’m making a shirt for a customer and it doesn’t look 95%-100% perfect, I start again. I’m not saying everyone has to be like me, but holy crap have just a shred of pride.

Though the Girls experience a few setbacks, they take it with stride and work with the situation they have, not the one they want. Today, in a better frame of mind I’m going to be grateful that this type of situation does not make or break my finances. I’m lucky. I sent back the knockoffs and while I did have to pay for the shipping, I will move forward and keep on this to make sure I get a refund.

Rose references the people of St. Olaf as honest people leading honest lives. For those who do this each day regardless of occupation or general life circumstances, I am genuinely grateful today for YOU and will try to focus on that folks today.

In friendship and cheesecake,


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