I did 2 things and there's a new tote bag in my shop!

I did 2 things and there's a new tote bag in my shop!

New tote alert!


That's right, ya'll! Now you can carry your books, groceries, makeup, small dog or whatever you want in a tote that says it all. Click here to check my Etsy page for more info.


"No daughter of mine is 'selling her stuff.' It's a sin, it's a crime and let's face it, Dorothy; lately, you can't give it away!"

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What a wHirlwind weekend this was! These past few weeks have all been leading up to Mother's Day weekend with stocking up on apparel, screen printing (all done by ME by hand) and trying to get it all done at 7+ months pregnant.

I will definitely say that I planned well and although my goal for future shows and/or events is still to be relaxing the night before instead of packing and making sure everything is in its place, I still feel like I was in a pretty darn good plan overall. For future plans, within reason, I think I need to always assume that no matter how much prep time I'm giving myself I will always want more.

I absolutely could not have made it without support from those around me:


My Mom, Dad and sister brought my son as well, but since we don't have him on social media I forgot to take photos with those folks. Overall, though, a great day and despite the crummy weather and lower turnout than expected, I am inspired by all my fellow artisans and creatives. It was great to be around so many awesome ideas, so much talent and such a variety of products.

The biggest seller was definitely "Condoms, Rose!" What can I say? Everyone wanted the condoms! I did unveil the totes for the first time anywhere and they were a hit!

On Mother's Day I was invited to sell apparel in Asbury, NJ with The Golden Gays NYC at their Mother's Day Brunch. Brunch was awesome, the show was hilarious and overall it was a great turnout! People who don't love the show as much may not get it, but it is REALLY awesome when you're able to interact with and be around others who totally get why I have such a love for this show. When you can use the phrase, "Freddie Peterson!" and they don't get that glazed look in their eye but rather burst out into giggles I KNOW I'm in the right place!


You can also find these gals in Asbury Park for the Jersey Pride parade, hosting trivia (Gay Pride edition!) and more! Check out their Facebook page for all the deets!

Overall, an exhausting but successful weekend! Now I'm going to spend some time re-charging, nursing my sore throat and getting ready for this friggen' kid to get here.

6 weeks to go (unless he decides to come early!)

In friendship and cheesecake,


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