"She’s dead! She doesn’t need that on her mantle. *SHE’S* ON HER MANTLE!"

"She’s dead! She doesn’t need that on her mantle. *SHE’S* ON HER MANTLE!"

We all know that Rose is the “nice one” in the Golden Crew (well, most of the time.) She’s kind, warm and welcoming to strangers. She leaves freakin’ happy thoughts of the day for people, puts hand puppets in care packages for sick hospital patients, etc.

Handpuppet_Rose week.jpg

Although I imagine this is obvious, I’ll just state it anyway: I don’t do that. In fact, I can't relate to a lot of Rose's personality, which is why I thought last week would have been the most uncomfortable.

Am I alone?

I prefer to keep my kindness to others on the DL.

When I act kindly, I'm usually just thinking, 'What would I want done/how would I want others to step in and help in this situation?' If I can swing it, I do it. However, I don't particularly look for that to be acknowledged by the masses. I'm not saying that Rose does; but the kind things she does for people lends itself to acknowledgement and she doesn't seem to mind. I mean, she completes for the Friends of Good Health Award, for f*ck's sake.

Also, I hate to say it, but having faith in people is really hard for me.

When it comes to other people and my expectations of them, I base my anticipation on what I’ve experienced with people and sometimes, those experiences have not always positive. To be even more honest, disappointment is the absolute worst feeling in the world for me. I avoid it at all costs and if someone does disappoint me in some way, I pull back hard. Rose has this fantastic ability to just assume the best in people and circumstances every single time. She's always looking for the good in every person and every situation.

I had a hard time channeling her level of sweetness.

My form of nice-ness usually comes out via of sass and or connecting with people through humor: not necessarily with being overtly sweet. As I shared in my Instagram story, I'm not sure what that says about me:

Rose week_insta story.png

Finally, probably the most difficult piece of channeling Rose:


It’s pretty unexpected that she’s (arguably) one of the most competitive people imaginable. This was a quality that I did consider upon deciding to channel Rose this week, but it was only through my attempts to channel her competitive streak that I fully realized just how not competitive I am.

How do you channel something that’s nowhere in your DNA?

  • I tried competing while cycling & watching the leaderboard on my Peleton bike. However, it turns out I find it very challenging to care what other people are doing when I feel like I may die. I don’t know; at that point it just seems pretty insignificant!

  • I had to bake something for my son's class this week. I thought to myself, maybe I should try one of those dessert recipes that no one ever thinks to put together and then in the end, everyone is raving about it. Ha! I thought to myself. Everyone else will be bringing in pre-made sh*t and/or stuff from a box and I'll have something really sick to serve.

Mine will be the best. (…that's something Rose would attempt, yeah?)

I got to the grocery store, recipe on my phone and I took a look at all the ingredients and one really loud voice in my head yelled:

NOPE. You're brownie boxing this sh*t, sister.


And I did, and I'm exceptionally happy with my decision. I got a bunch of compliments on the brownies and they went very quickly so my point is not that using a recipe from Instagram would not have yielded the same result, but I am saying that baking from a box did yield my mental health so BOOM.

Will I be channeling Rose again in the future? Maybe, but likely not unless it's one of her rare moments when she dishes out the sarcasm and I absolutely relate to her 100%. Rose would never want me on her team nor would anyone, in general. And you know what? I’m totally cool with that and I wouldn’t blame them one bit.

In friendship and cheesecake,



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